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Greg Carr
2016-07-27 06:51:21 UTC
Praise to the HOLY ONES for that which they have wrought in my life.
2016-07-27 17:33:56 UTC
Post by Greg Carr
Praise to the HOLY ONES for that which they have wrought in my life.
The holy ones wrought nothing in anyone's life. They are to lead by example, not by power of command. Jesus leads by example, not power of command. Being a king is not a power of command. The ways and skills of behavior and skills of truth are the power and motivation to wrought us and mold us so that it is Jehovah who does the molding if we copy the example. Anyone who OBEYS commands from someone who thinks themselves holy, is not obeying the example which is set distinctively specifically to free slavery. Jesus reduced all commands to just love. When he says because all the LAW is about love, do not reverse what he meant or you will be destroyed. This is because he was saying the intent of LAW was to help define what love is. He was not saying he that loves will obey all Law. They found and obeyed a law they claimed was a law whose intent is to KILL Jesus as an apostate. He that thinks and lives by LAW saying this is love and this is what Jesus meant, is both liar and demon. The demons gone at Armageddon are spirit beings in heaven. The ones on earth are human demons who will be destroyed in a proper way by society. This doesnt mean stone and kill, it means avoid and shun until the 144,000 directs these people to display the pride that separates them into ways of death. He that dies during the kingdom will return, and he that dies and doesn't return will make it clear to all people they had too many repeat chances and seem to think a return to life over and over is just the new way. Jesus ALWAYS turned praise away from himself. By saying things come thru him did not mean you must obey him, or be under his command. He meant that he is the only one making effort to restore, and so he will succeed and no one else will. THEY won't, not because they are not the selected one, but because despite others thinking they are selected, they do not do the works to accomplish the purpose for all the world. So his saying all things come thru him, is not wide-scope and all encompassing glory of Jesus, but rather small scope as in Moses writing down that Moses was the most humble man in the world. Simple fact, when he sees all others are arrogant about things they no nothing of, but hate Moses because he does see and know those answers.

Thus as he diverted credit away from mother Mary for his good conduct, he also diverted it away form himself as if he made himself this way, but rather says Jehovah has made me like this. That doesn't mean make myself as i am from birth genetic; it means Jehovah the process of being better each day molds me or WROUGHTS me, not priests, not holy ones, not my mother. ALL those who say hey i saved your life with electricity, with surgery, with my fist at someone speaking out to kill you... all those fake saviors are self-saviors because even for those truthfully helpful to YOUR life, i am not saying don't thank them, don't appreciate them (but there are MORE liars who have hindered not helped, like Peter deserving to be called Satan), nor am i saying thank God not your parents, nor a thank God not others who reach to help you, BUT God is on top. He is Jehovah, he is the events, he is the guidance that has saved you. For as a bad spirit from men or from angels pushes you to join them in bad, or claim their bad solution will free you, so too God Jehovah is always pushing everyone. He does not give his sun and moon freely to everyone, he expects them to feel his spirit and be guided by him for all the free things he gives you. The holy ones are not to be praised for guiding you, but praised for letting jehovah guide them so that you can learn watching them how to let jehovah guide you too. Jehovah put Jesus over the man who is over his wife, but not all men over all women. AND so he has not put elders over the man. Scripture is CLEAR Jesus rids the elders so you follow Jesus not elders. The use of elders is like the use of holy ones, examples to copy, but this cannot be appointed because he that is appointed easily sets an example of sin not an example of Jehovah. This is why neither holy one nor saint nor elder is over any man. Nor over any woman. The claim that men or elders are over the congregation, does not mean they are over the women to order then or command them the way husbands can. It merely means men (elders) make decisions for the congregation, women don't make these decisions, because women do not make decisions for men. But the forbidding that women have this power doesnt mean the opposite is true, that women are slaves to men other than their husband. It does not mean that men, or elders will make decisions for women because that is what the church has become wicked men who control a man by ordering and commanding the man's wife to control him. They have taken power over other men, by using the man's wife to force his hand to obey them as elders. They have destroyed the bond between man and wife which is then spitting in Jehovah's face. YET they refuse to see that jehovah does not approve of their making themselves over and above the wives of men, to control and enslave these men. They split marriages, and this is why you see so many husbands dropped the church because the church is using the woman to control him. And then pass it off as saying YOU the couple together must obey us elders, when in fact it is a twisted satanic demonic lie of Satan taking over Jehovah's kingdom. The WatchTower has been warned. As Christendom copies Babylon so that Christendom is killed first before Babylon, so too the WT copies Christendom in so many lies that the GB will be slaughtered before Christendom is because of copying them in defining pagan elders, in defining pagan Greek fornication, in defining lies about holidays (all holidays follow TWO lies, Catholics claim Christmas is Jesus, and evangelists curse them saying Christmas is Nimrod; Catholics horrified at evangelists for lack of Jesus in it, and evangelists exalting themselves thriving on cursing Catholics as being pagan Babylon Nimrod. In reality it is neither. Christmas is Ur not Babylon, and honors the death of Noah, neither jesus nor Nimrod so that the WT has actually merely copied evangelistic Christendom to be destroyed with her by jehovah.) Jehovah does not use a lie to curse another lie. Jesus said Abram is alive to God and so there will be a resurrection of Abram. He did not say Abram is already alive in heaven and already resurrected by being in God's memory. Lie does not defeat lie, or the liar will die when his lie also dies.

This is why it is very important that Jehovah has divided the partakers of 144,000 from the GB. Though partakers are 7000 true and 7000 false, this separation from the GB as faithful slave feeding others is not to demote the 7000. It demotes the GB, not the 7000 because jehvoah took 100 years to get these 7000 gathered under one name, and licensed globally in Britian in 1914. It is easier for Jehovah to destroy the governing body as he destroyed Judas than for him to reselect the whole 7000 he has kept even and constant the past 30 years (excluding the fake rise). This is why Mordecai says that when Haman announces the (asteroid) day and hour on all the posters and media, that Esther is on a time limit just as week 70 was deadline for jesus to die. Doesnt matter whether this GB dies like Judas or is part of the christ-bride queen's feet bitten by the serpent, both Jesus and Judas died the same day. I can see where 20 of the 7 can be Judas, or all 7. BUT in all cases the money box, the perfume, most be spent to gather the 7000 to that altar where Jehovah again proves it is the churches and the govs that always have put his christ-of-the-year to death.
So praise holy ones, but Daniel and jesus agree that if it were not for the blood of the holy ones, their deaths, their leading (rewarded by heaven) that flesh to live on earth would not be saved. BUT because of their deaths they save all those who defy the gov and their martial law by taking the journey to the highest mountains as earth gets baptized again.
Noahide Videos
2016-08-20 08:03:37 UTC
Praise to all people who work their hearts out for peace and good things and prosperity in life.