The Sentapol Wars by Gregory Daly
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The Sentapol Wars by Gregory Daly
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On the planet Sentapol, are two thieves, Phillip and Felix. The planet is at war with their archrival, Amran. The war is really a propaganda war and very few people are killed. During a late strike on the planet Sentapol by Amran air-raiders, the two thieves are able to steel some precious silver – called –Bejan silver. A very precious type of silver valued in the galaxy. We enter the story with them looking through their sack of stolen goods only to realise to their dismay that the silver they stole has been stolen. Not back, but by what seemed innocent nuns from a very revered religious order. The two thieves then conjure up a wicked plot to steal back their precious silver that they so legitimately stole.
In order to steal back the silver, they need to enter the sacred grounds of the Sisters of the holy Motherly saints, which are well guarded. They decide that they need a decoy or distraction to lure out most of the nuns. Their distraction would be a blessing performed by the nuns. A blessing by the nuns is a highly valued service that many high regal individuals across the galaxy look for. They will pay highly for one. So they, under a guise persuade an Amran prince to seek a blessing from the nuns. Remember the Amrans are at war with Sentapol, so they the prince will need to enter the planet under a diplomatic protocol, but the blessing is so highly regarded the Sentapol army will grant him passage. In any case, the war is a war of propaganda. The governments of each planet know this, but most innocent civilians are unaware of this.
The two thieves seek out the services of Jurich Po. A technical wizard who can scan the galaxy on the inter-web and also hack into the nuns’ online computer. With enough access to pretend to be of services of the nuns, they search for suitable candidates. Prince Takoshi of Amran comes up. He himself is a looking to move up in the world of Amran from Prince- a high regal office but with little dominion, to Lord. Much of the reasoning is because of his pushy wife. Prince Takoshi spends his time fishing – for catfish like creatures. His wife, Princess Anali spends her time bathing in their palace with the personal assistance of handmaidens.
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The Sentapol Wars by Gregory Daly
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