anyone want to start up video reviews of watchtower video topics
(too old to reply)
2019-11-19 18:51:58 UTC
Would be nice to hit topics of watchtower not to criticize watchtower but to present better answers from Jehovah than what watchtower gives. Like Jehovah says thru Moses that he Jehovah proves those answers which are true and so from him. Let's expose what we think or feel or see is jehovah and discuss whether ti is Jehovah or not so as to then also expose whether WT answers were jehovah.

This was inspired by John Cedars personal take on Stephen Lett thinking we murmur of elders but if an elder becomes elders murmuring of the layity then it is counsel not murmur. Gee right off the bat i think of Hannah discontent with being barren and the legal first legit wife saying haha i have his kids, you don't. And in reply Jah gave her Samuel to destroy Eli and later destroy Saul who was the choice of the wicked people to have a king other than Jehovah. Too many JWsinterpret Samuel quoting Jehovah as saying it is not you they dump but rather me Jehovah they dump. He wasn't saying when they shun you Samuel they shun me Jehovah, as if when they shun you Moses they shun me Jehovah. But rather Jah was saying They want a man as king instead of me Jehovah as king. And so this doesn't mean Jehovah was king THRU Samuel. Nor did Moses teach Jah was king thru him Moses. There is nothing wrong with others seeing Jah so that you do not needMosesnorneed Samuel. The problem is those who think they see Jah and do not see him. Then yes they need Moses and Samuel because Moses and Samuel can see, and those men or leaders cannot. So it does not mean an elder can say i was picked so it means i can see.

So shall we continue this topic, or start more video critiques?
Greg Carr
2019-11-19 23:32:32 UTC
No go away blasphemer.