Abram's calculation of Jova (Jupiter)
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The book of Jasher claims AmarPal rejected Abram. However, before that Abram's king Shulgi had rejected him. This is because Shulgi is AmarPal's father. No AmarPal is not Nimrod, Shulgi is not Cush, and grandpa Ur-Nammu is not Ham. THE CITY they all lived in is not Babel (city of Nimrod), but Ur city of Chaldea (kings appointed by Peleg in the name of Shiloh/grandpa Shelah).

The reason Shulgi rejected Abram is because his rule of 1991bc when Abram was 27 is only 39 years of the Egyptian 365-day calendar. Thus the 12-year Jupiter calendar is up for a surprise that already existed but the 365-day calendar would expose it to any idiot commoner. Jupiter orbits 5 times in 59 years, 6 times in 71 years, and 7 times in 83 years in a 360-day calendar that is 60 years and 72 years and 84 years as if this proves years are 360-day and the stars and sun just slip ahead of it. So with a new calendar of seasons that dont drift 3 months in 18 years, flips 6 months in 36 years and circles back, the fact that Jupiter was year 59 not 60, 71 not 72, and 83 not 84 becomes evident before the circle is made in 2030-1961bc (sothic Julian or seasonal Gregorian) or 2030-1958bc as Egyptian 72-year cycle of 73 years of 360-day. So before Abram ditched it in 1943bc the proof was there and either Shulgi saw it or refused to. This is ONE issue of dozens the appointed authorities of Ur's Shiloh had all twisted up as lies. Another is Sarai's yeast infection and imflamation caused by the misconception that pregnancy is started and watered by the first flow of blood (when actually this is discard for lack of egg implantation. This is how Ur's false medicine caused the circle of contamination imflamation developed allergies between Sarah and Abram for 58 years (Sarah 17-75; Anram 27-85).

So the false astronomy claimed Shulgi's 12-year Jupiter (the dog year of 1991bc as going back to its first year dog year 2207bc allowing Chinese to later see king Reu's year (2207bc) as YU's Rat year 2205bc to 1437bc Xian China. It also perceives 8-year Venus without its pentacle rotating in these 216 years (2207-1991bc) to 264 years (2207-1943bc) where 264 is 33x 8 year venus which has already come back to the same points (sidereal 235 years in 1972bc; 243 years sothic in 1964bc; and 251 years seasonal in 1956bc). By being a simpleton idiot for a king, this Shulgi whom Abram called Dungi (Hittite-English bullcrap) was turning true science into mere ritual keep the people together in peace even if it takes lies to do it. This is what Satan has gotten the WT to start doing in the past 40 years since 1975 Armageddon when they were expected to be purged enough to desert Egypt and survive Armageddon into Canaan as Promised. Instead they are asleep with the pagan teachings of little daughter hore Christendom who has made up lies about Nimrod to despise the mainstream mother hore church and so distract real truth from the WT this week they are to die like Judas or like Jesus. They are the cause and the choice of which way they divide into being the Lamb and the Judas. If all 8 men decide to be Judas, it is in the hands of the 7000 partakers (7000 of the fake 14,000) to be the Lamb without the 8 men. In fact 8 days is the circumcision of what is bad. Jesus was dead for 7 days and rose purged on the 8th day (that is to say riding in as king the 1st day with a bad bride (mother Eve is the 12 apostles), they had to be purged or divided from him for him to retain his standing as perfect Adam. And so in essence is trial was not one day, but started the day he rode in being treated like a king whose position he must turn down. Yet again he turned over temple tables as he had 3 years earlier on the same Jewish date Nisan 10. That signed his death. That inspired the desire to this time kill him. All he had to do is insult the man willing to become a bitch when he says how dare you insult me Jesus. The hour now is the same. It is not differfent for the real bride. This is why tribulation is equally an attack on the bride as it was Jesus, and it is why tribulation is equally on the true church as it is on the bad church who picks up all their weapons thinking God will help them defend against the Roman armies, (or NeoBabylon armies). So the day and hour of astronomy is nothing to shrug off. It is not an astrology, but rather directly related to satellites spotting astral impacts that Noah himself foresaw without precision nor details because he was already ready and prepared so as not to be scared of the hour.

IN the case of Abram, the mathematical evidence is not for Julian years (7 orbits in 83 Julian) for 5 times is 35 orbits in 415 years and reaches precision in 36 orbits of 427 years (2370-1943bc). The evidence or proof that Jupiter remains 12-year of 360-day, not 12-year of 365-day is compounded with yet another fact that even the close precision of 360-day calendar its 432 calendar years as 426 Julian years becomes 36 orbits of Jupiter the next year of 433 of calendar in 427 years. Thus reality and truth is not a matter of see it as you wish. It is not choice A or B, nor half way of both true or both false, but rather requires and needs to patiently seek and find out. neither the world nor the WT does this, because the WT has quit doing it and goes downhill just as the world has already descended from its library of true knowledge down into bull crap. This is why Nathan says David has three ways to die. It is why Esther is told she will be destroyed and Jehovah find an other way to save his children.

The discovery last week is that the sothic precision of 36 orbits 427 years as 12-year orbit plus 5 times 7 orbits of 83 Julian years results in Jupiter being more than 6x 72 calendar years (432) thus 433, and likewise then more than 6x 71 Julian years (426) thus 427. This is also 8x 48 to 1992bc and 9x 48 to 1944bc where Jupiter's 8 times 4 orbits of 48 years are more than 384 calendar (1992bc) but 385 calendar to 1991bc, and its 9 times 4 orbits 48 years are more than432 calendar (1944bc) but 433 calendar to 1943bc.

This can be shown by regarding Jupiter's 72-year cycle of 360-day as 72-year and 2 months or 60 days which will advance an extra year in six cycles of 72.
All of this verifies that 1943bc is a key to knowing the accurate orbit of Jupiter that wasn't achieved until Babylon and Greeks met thru Seleucus. very late indeed. Not away to survive Noah's Armageddon Flood, Moses' Armageddon Egypt, nor today's Armageddon. This is not about eternal life or death but about 2nd chance. No survivors means no kingdom heirs to speak out and raise the dead. The current TV shows out called The Returned and Ressurrection imply they just pop up alive. It is impoosible to raise a Buddhist or Moslem or Voodoo unless he is raised by the true faith. GOD cannot heal a pagan and brainwash him to KNOW the true religion when he awakes. The true religion must be the ones who raise him so he knows his debt is to that religion government to teach him. THUS survivors of Armageddon are required who knew the asteroid would strike, who know the true timeline back to Noah and Adam in ALL nations, and who know the hour is here not just for death, but to bring the children alive. THIS is the good news of how the true church is the christ because she is the bride and thru God's manipulation will provide the mother of the arth as he has provided a new Adam father. Jesus the son of Joseph is and was and will be again, the father of Adam.
2016-03-01 14:50:32 UTC
When Jupiter is on the cusp
of Sagitarius and Capricorn every 3 orbits
36 years of 360-day calendar years.\
Abram discovers that one month must be added
and it moves Jupiter from 432 calendar years
Noah's 600-1032 to be 433 as 600-1033 (1943bc) Jova.
2370bc Oct 12 =600-01-01
2334bc Mar 6 =636-02-01
2299bc Nov 28 =672-03-01
2263bc Jun 22 =708-04-01
2227bc Jan 14 =744-05-01
2192bc Aug 8 =780-06-01
2156bc Jun 30 =816-07-01
2121bc Mar 2 =852-08-01
2085bc Apr 18 =888-09-01
2050bc Nov 11 =924-10-01
2014bc Jun 5 =960-11-01
1979bc Jan 2 =996-12-01
1943bc Jul 22 =1033-1-01

Since a full cycle of 72x egyptian 365-day calendar is 73x 360 day Jupiter's 72 years (6x12) of 71 years would be used instead of the more accurate 83 Julian for 7 orbits which have to decide 20 or 21 leap days for a calendar not existing in civil recorded form in all cities. Further, the 365-day calendar has existed this span being 87 years from (Pamenot 1 new year 340) on July 17 of 2030bc to year 427 on June 25 of 1943bc.

And so in 1979bc proved that 360-day calendar new year for 72 years of Jupiter (2029-1958bc, year 946 Rooster 2029bc Oct 21 to year 1018 Rooster 1958bc Oct 9) is different than 72 years of Venus 2029-1957bc (year 341 July 16 less 18 leap days to year 413 Jun 28). Thus Abram was 60 years old (1958bc) when he could see this between 360-day calendar and 365-day calendar. Our problem is to comprehend 1943bc as the 36 orbits (360-day? 365-day? or sothic /Julian?).

What is easier than 5 cycles of 83 sothic (Julian) being 5 times 7 orbits requiring the additional 12 years starting from the Flood, or noting this 12 years BEFORE 1943bc (thus in 1955bc) is the use of atoning the 360-day calendar itself even though all can be compared with 365-day calendar existing 72 years in 1958bc (comparing 24-year Venus as 3x 8 years with 12-year Jupiter as 2x 12 years to find out 72 years of 360-day for Jupiter (6x 12 year) is a whole year before 365-day or sothic 18 leap days of 72-year Venus dates (9x 8 year), and 83 years (of 7 orbits) in 1947bc, and 87 years in 1943bc. What Abram can connect back to the Flood is 6x 72 years of 360-day as 432 years from 600 to 1032 which is 2370-1944bc. He can also see this as his 48-year study in Ur with king Shulgi as he deals with this king Dungi (full of bull crap, thinking dung cake methane is safe to cook on, praying the ecoli doesnt kill you) as he rules 48 years from 1991-1943bc. These are the same 48 years that Abram's cooperative method of seeding the wife from age 27-75 gives her inflammatory yeast infection internally of the womb creating an allergy to attacking Abram's sperm from age 17 to 65. The connection of 6 cycles of 72 years of 360-day for Jupiter is very close to 6 times 71 egyptian years as the World's Year 426 (since the Flood) versus Noah's year 1032 (=600+432). As six cycles then to advance one year requires a 60-day (2-month) advance in each cycle. This gives us a choice between 36-year and 48-year in Abram's study. His study of 48-year (4 orbits) is age 27-75 and does cycle back the 432 calendar years (as 9x 48) to compare to the 72-year Jupiter (6x72). But the 48 has no easily seen pattern. At least the 36-year pattern will flip opposite seasons, and it also allows atonement of 2 months in 72 years be 1 month every 36 years to increase the full 12 months putting Jupiter of Pig Year 600 into RAT year of year 1033. This is where Shulgi could easily tell Abram that Jupiter ends the full year Flood as RAT year 601 to RAT year 1033, when the Jupiter concerned with is not new year 601 but the 40-day Flood where the sun crosses over the three planets (literally over Jupiter and Saturn on the far-side of the sun, but behind Venus inferior conjunction which races forward with planet Earth). In this way Shulgi sees no advance of Jupiter to being 433 years instead of 432 years. Abram is regarded as insubordinate to the role of ELDER (king) that Shulgi has. It is the same as Moses the prince not listening to high-pirest Jannes because how can truth be hushed by someone's position telling truth to wait as if truth will not bring harm for a lack of repenting in time to avoid disaster. This is why appointed positions who are not wise enough to see areinfact demons inspired by spirit demons. This is the basic reason Jesus labeled Peter as Satan without sinning by speaking so. It was truth that if not put into effect immediately will cause Jesus to miss the week 70 window, his only way back to heaven, and total slavation of all humans, even those already dead. This is how obedient Jesus himself has to be to Jehovah. Though he may seem a million times closer to God as if an exact copy, his existence is a million times smaller than the universal Jehovah, and non-compliance means total failure and severed from God in a death.

What this means is the 36-year formula of 1-month atonement for Jupiter falls in that 48 years as age 27-63 and age 39-75. He is confirmed that the 48 years goes back to Flood as does 72. And he is confirmed (despite 12 leap days in 48 years) that the 48-year Venus (6x 8 year) are egyptian dates that are 240 days beyond 48-year Jupiter of the 360-day calendar. Thus although the 48-year cycle back to the Flood in Jupiter proves that 432-year Venus calendar is 2160 days longer (by 6 years of 360-day) which reverses the Jupiter zodiac name. The DOG becomes opposite the Scorpion. The last day or end of the Dog year (2370bc Oct 12) which begins the Pig year will 432 years later (600+432=1032) be a Dog year in 1944bc but another 6 years later in 1938bc be the Dog year for Venus. This is Africanus thinks the Flood ends as RAT year (3237bc) and 600 years before RAT year 2637bc because he uses traditional sothic years since 1437-237bc and the RAT year was actually 360-day (2369bc Oct 6). The traditional turns the original first 600 years into 12-year Dragon from 2369-1769bc. The earliest system that would label the 2369bc Flood as Dragon begins with Monkey year 2029bc with the new year as July that drifts backward in months to February of 1437bc. Thus if retained as July for 2029bc, it is then also July 2369bc (such as the 365-day epoch of Armenian 365-day calendar at the 10th month of the 360-day calendar. But if regarded as 365-day, then the drift goes backward as October 2370bc to July 2029bc to February 1437bc. The world is divided in different systems that cannot be mixed. In 2009 my letter from the Turkish government can not label there Ramazon (or Ramadan) as regarding my September 12 as Jewish Elul 12. It is like a Moslem wrongly eating a beaver or elephant and so calling it pork. This is from not just a lack of laity not obeying the elders, but from negligent wrongful elders at the very top wrongly forcing the corrupt new ways.

The end result is to compare the 36 orbits of a 427 Julian year Jupiter (2370bc Oct 12 to 1943bc Oct 12) to that of 433 calendar years of 360-day which are 2370bc Oct 12 to 1943bc July 22. This unveils that 427 Julian years to Oct 12 is more accurate than 427 Egyptian years to Jun 27 or 433 years of 360-day to July 22. The problem is that Jupiter backs up in retrograde at this time while Earth passes it. So it might reach the point and back up to cross it again, or it might not reach the point and take so many months to move forward again to reach it and cross it.
2016-03-01 22:55:11 UTC
36 years 1 month 7 days / 7 = 4332.3 days
2370bc Oct 12 =600-01-01
2334bc Mar 13 = 636-02-08
2299bc Dec 12 = 672-03-15
2263bc July 13 = 708-04-22
2227bc Feb 11 = 744-05-29
2192bc Sep 12 = 780-07-06
2156bc Aug 10 = 816-06-12
2121bc Apr 20 = 852-09-20
2085bc Jun 13 = 888-10-27
2050bc Jan 13 = 924-12-04
2014bc Aug 14 = 960-01-11
1979bc Mar 19 = 996-02-18 begins last 36 years of Abram's priesthood for king Shulgi of Ur
1943bc Oct 14 =1033-4-05