2121 pounds of carbon 14 killed Peleg
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2013-01-21 02:43:31 UTC
This link says


21 pounds of C14 are estimated to be created each year.
So if Jehovah creates 21 pounds per year,
then Jehovah killed Peleg in 2030bc from 2520 pounds to 2730 pounds
of carbon 14 added to the whole planet in 120 years to 130 years.
Peleg was born 101 years after the Flood and in 20 to 30 years
his body protein DNA was formed from AMOUNTS of C14
during 2269-2239BC, as was also his son Reu who also died at age 239
having his first 30 years 2239-2209bc.
Thus the amount of C14 from 100 to 160 after the Flood is
2100 pounds to 3360 pounds world wide.
Doesnt sound like much, but in DNA its enough to effect longevity
of all organic life. Imagine how many pounds of carbon exist in
every living tissue on the planet and then only 2000 to 3000 pounds
more of it drops longevity of all life by 12 times.
The good news is that it shouldnt be too difficult to dilute it
with volcanic carbon when Jehovah erupts all volcanoes and all faultlines
from the astral impact that puts 40 feet of water back up 52 miles high
on top of the atmosphere.
2017-06-10 17:16:25 UTC
2369bc Jan 6 canopy gone
2368bc Jan 6 = 21 pounds of C14
2359bc Jan 6 = 210 pounds
2349bc Jan 6 = 420 pounds
2339bc Jan 6 = 630 pounds in 30 years
2299bc Jan 6 = 70 years are 1470 pounds global for Eber's 30 years (630 pounds)
to 2100 pounds of global C14. These 1470-2100 give double the longevity as does Peleg's 30 years from 2100-2730 pounds of global C14.
2269bc Jan 6 = 2100 pounds of C14 Peleg conceived
2239bc Jan 6 = 30 years of 630 pounds of C14
reaching global level 2730 pounds of C14
has cut longevity of humans for these 30 years down 700 years to be 240.

2209bc Jan 6 = a +630 pounds 3360-pound globally for 30-year old Reu with unchanged longevity
2179bc Jan 6 = a +630 pounds 3990-pound globally for 28-year old Serug with unchanged longevity
2149bc Jan 6 = a +630 pounds 4620-pound globally for 28-year old Nahor whose
longevity ought to be about 218 but his suicide prevents seeing the curve between 230-year Serug and 205 year Terah. AmarPal is said to have died at 215.
2119bc Jan 6 = 30 years +630 = global 5250-pound as 30-year old Terah who dies at 205
2018-03-17 10:25:19 UTC
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2369bc Jan 6 canopy gone
2368bc Jan 6 = 21 pounds of C14
2359bc Jan 6 = 210 pounds