Jehovah the Lord of the Seven Heavens
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2016-08-15 00:54:40 UTC
Jehovah the Lord of the Seven Heavens
dedicated to the Watchtower - written here and now in this group first of all
Copyright Daniel Daly Monday 15th of August 2016

He watched the sky. The Watcher watched the sky. The Seven Heavens had advented above Jerusalem, and Jehovah was in the sky, glorious. The King of Creation. The watcher was named Cosadriel, prince of Iceland. Seraphim of Eternity. He watched the skies, and smiled, and went off for a drink at the pub in Ramla.
'Yo, Azrael,' said Cosadriel. 'What's up bro?'
'Life in general,' replied Azrael. 'I'm getting used to this Jewish beer. Bland, indeed, but its alright after a while.'
'I think I've noticed that about Jewish things,' replied Cosadriel. 'Very, very bland. Like all the fun has been taken out of them.'
'True,' replied Azrael. 'Maimonides is very fussy.'
'Aye,' said Cosadriel, and ordered a lemonade.
'I mean, your farts are more toxic than Jewish beer,' Cosadriel said to Azrael.
'Aye,' replied Azrael.
'But then again, your farts are more toxic than nitro glycerin,' said Cosadriel.
'By the holy beard of Moses, that they are,' replied Azrael.
Cosadriel smiled, and drank on his lemonade.
The afternoon passed, and Maimonides came into the pub.
'I have this new drink,' said Maimonides. 'It's called flavoured water.'
'What did you put in it?' asked Cosadriel.
'The finest of Jewish flavours,' replied Maimonides. 'Powdered Grakafrunki.'
'What the hell is Grakafrunki?' asked Cosadriel.
'It's made from egg white, powdered milk, and bland curds,' said Maimonides. 'With a tiny hint of cocoa.'
'Right,' nodded Cosadriel. 'I see. Go wild did ya?'
'It has so much flavour,' said Maimonides. It might even meet the Sanhedrin's approval. They don't approve of much more than water and milk these days.'
Cosadriel looked at Azrael. 'You know, I think Scotland sounds good at this time of year. They still serve old fashioned beer there, don't they?'
'That they do,' replied Azrael.
'You sinners,' said Maimonides. 'The Lord of the Seven Heavens is holy beyond all fathoming. Our kosher diet of water, milk and bread keeps us holy.'
'Yes, I am sure it does,' said Cosadriel.
Maimonides looked at Cosadriel, then looked at Azrael, and sighed.
'How much is a ticket to Glasgow?' the Rabbi asked Azrael.
'I'll just look that up on my laptop,' replied the Scottish Seraphim.
And so another day passed in the Holy New Jerusalem, and the Lord of the Seven Heavens barely batted an eyelid as one of his foremost rabbis boarded a flight for the United Kingdom, finally acknowledging that 'Living a little' wasn't the worst idea in creation.

The End
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2016-08-15 01:10:48 UTC
Praise Song - Copyright Daniel Daly - Dedicated to the Kingdom Hall
- written here and now in this group -

Praise to the Almighty - the Father of Creation

Praise to the Almighty
Praise to God
The one who teaches truth and life
The one who teaches peace and love

Praise to Jehovah
The Father of Creation
The one who teaches law and justice
The who rules every nation

Jehovah God we follow you
Jehovah God your ways are true and just
We befriend those who seek your name
We befriend those who in you do trust

Praise to the Almighty
Praise to God
The one who teaches truth and life
The one who teaches peace and love

Jehovah God teach us not to fight
Jehovah God teach us not to despair
We follow all the ways of peace
We follow love and purest care

Jehovah God grant us knowledge
Jehovah God grant us truth divine
Keep us in your holy Kingdom
Keep us in your sacred vine

We do not steal, we don't eat blood
We honour your name as holy and just
We honour the borders of home and nations
We honour our marriages with beds undefiled
We honour our God with purest devotions

Praise to the Almighty
Praise to God
The one who teaches truth and life
The one who teaches peace and love
2016-08-15 14:13:28 UTC
I prefer the Mayan perspective of nine heavens. The three heavens of the bible plus the 7 heavens total nine heavens. Math is simple. The three heavens are air where birds fly, above that the sun stars planets galaxies including the 7 orbits of sun moon and five visible planets, and within all that the spiritual world.
Although the Maya number 9 was not likely the spiritual world but rather the sphere of stars above the 7 orbits.

Anyways, i dont see much bible in your article much less any Jehovah as there is definately in what i have stated.
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2016-08-20 07:59:54 UTC
If it's not for you, don't bother with it. No need to get so damn critical. Mind your own business. Nobody is asking you to read it. Go away. If you want to read my books, here is the website: http://noahidebooks.angelfire.com. I care about God (Jehovah) and think Jesus was a Gospel teacher, but not the messiah. I think he was ok when all is said and done, but a bit self deluded. If you like my books, enjoy, but if they are not for you nobody is asking you to read them.