The Watchtower Society's reason for annointed numbers doubling
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V.D. A
2016-04-04 16:09:35 UTC
The last WT article said those partaking may have mental problems, or too new to comprehend, or maybe they are legitimately annointed and they're just replacing those that had been but no longer are. Maybe they transgressed. So basically the JW organization thinks that the partakers are either mentally ill, stupid, or bad.

2016-04-05 15:45:57 UTC
On Monday, April 4, 2016 at 11:09:36 AM UTC-5, V.D. A wrote:
The numbers have double because new bible studies join JWs who are told by relatives that all go to heaven and it would be the godly thing to convince all of them to partake. Thus half the partakers are false and only the completion of the whole 144,000 in heaven then exposes them because the 144,000 are like Jesus, when the last are killed in one day, in one fake trial, by one government, but all religions making it happen, then these 144,000 will appear to those they baptized and that will prove all the others as fake. FAKES exist among the WT just like all other religions are fakes. For some reason Jesus was bold enough to say who were the fakes among him among them and yet the WT thinks the love of Jesus is to let these fakes destroy the rest of us who gag at the hall when the fakes excercise a kingship rule.
Paul says NOT EVEN the 144,000 are to be ruling before the rest of us (them). So how can elders rule, and how can partakers rule, and how can the GB rule. Have they accepted a crown. Does NOT accepting mean they are not liable. Are they not liable if elders say the GB is our king?

Truly I say to you today that in 7 days the GB will be slaughtered whether as a Lamb Jesus, or as the Judas who is killing Jesus (killing all the last partakers)
2016-04-05 15:52:21 UTC
Now arent you happy that if feed all you guys at the proper time when the appointed slave does not because the servants of that slave are busy saying the fist of JESUS was more about who he was appointing rather than whether they were feeding at the proper times (when Jesus comes to find they are not). Imagine Saul pounding his chest and killing David by telling David it is i Saul Jehovah has appointed, not you. Imagine 10 brothers saying oh so you're Joseph, how dare you put a silver cup on us you demon, we will not come to Egypt until you quit your marriage to the Pharoah government, its seat, your wife, your half-breed sons.
Get reinstated Joseph. Then we'll ask our father Jacob if we should bother to come see you. If you want to be reinstated you better let us take Benjamin home with us.
People fail to see demons every where, even in kingdom halls. They imagine that LOT could not die if he lagged with his wife, leaving so late to the hour as they did.