A New JW vid, a bizarre ramble about gays to blame for pedophilia
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2015-07-07 23:24:16 UTC
2015-10-17 21:54:49 UTC
Post by Verooo~
ALL i can say that jehovah would notice also is that when a man is more concerned about tight pant packages than who is butt-poking (just as he may be more concerned about male hair dressers or male TV dancers or 1950 women with ankle chains) then jehovah who sees who is butt-poking who, then he is a God enraged that they are abusing his hetero-induced Christian children accusing them of being homos and whores, and in that rage he says to TV evangelists HOw dare you be looking at packed tight penis packages when you do nothing about the actual sex acts yiou induce with your petty games like those Pharisees did. Like I have been posting, there are 7 men at the WTBTS who will be slaughtered in just 7 days. I am willing to die as Jesus was when they demanded he retract his statements. I won't retract what I know as facts. Neither Judas nor Peter run the show for the saints of the last days. BUT i assure you they exist again as much as the Christ is here again presented by Jehovah on a mass of specific Jubilee years since 1914. When you see facts it makes you brave. Do not new JWs prove very brave when they realize there is no heaven-hell threat to fear? BTW Todays thought is how LOT was tortured in Sodom. Know how? The remark is made in scripture because the world was asking what Lot was doing in a town of homos if they are bad people. And so the reply from Christians is that Lot had a conscience that was tortured by his living therfe and seeing it all. Othere were not bothered by it. THEY had wives. So now Lazarus watching the rich man tortured. WHEN? NO it is not now. It is not a torture of bad church seeing the good church discover petty truths. It is the future 1000-year judgment where the truth of all who come awake from your past and my past will make us suffer for having lied after those people had died. We lie about dead auntie, we lie about ancient Egyptians, we lie about the past and it will come back and torture us with truth. But so will truth torture those who thought they would wake up in heaven and not have to eat sleep crap anymore. Every POPE will be asked by millions, how come youre not in heaven, how come we arent when you said we would be? This is torture because God keeping all our thoughts alive in storage to bring us back tortures him. He doesnt just see the rapes, he remembers what rapist and victim remembers because he brings people back as they are to watch them change, to teach them and make them change. AND why not, why shouldnt he torture us with all those bad memories he has had to watch for 6000 years to let us have what we think is freedom.